Flying with Kids

Car Rides with Kids

  • Cooler with food and milk (for infants)
  • Tablet with DOWNLOADED shows or apps
  • If you want sleep to happen:
    • Portable white noise machine or downloaded to your phone and played via stereo system
    • Dark nursing cover or blanket to put over infant car seat

Water Activities with Kids

The usual:

  • Bathing suits - I LOVE for the simple, versatile options; they have one- and two-pieces, as well as sleeveless and sleeved rashguards, and easily can mix and match color schemes amongst all of your kids! (and get hats to match :)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels


  • Terry robes - works so much better keeping your soaking wet child warm than wrapping them up in a towel. I've only tried this brand but it worked for us!
  • Water shoes
    • Natives - expensive, but sturdy and versatile (more than just for water!)
  • Baby floaties - we've used the following:
    • Upright Floaters - this is the most popular, and it's better than nothing, but neither of my kids liked this as babies
    • Belly Floaters - babies tend to like this better because they're on their stomach instead of struggling to stay upright in the other ones
      • Non-inflatable - easier and looks more comfortable, but doesn't collapse
      • Inflatable - easier for transport and storage, but takes a little work fo inflate
      • Non-inflatable with canopy - I haven't used this one, but if this had been available when I was purchasing, I would have gotten this one for the canopy!
  • Toddler swimmies
    • PuddleJumpers - the only one I've tried on my child, and she loves it! Doesn't complain nearly as much as I used to when my parents put regular life vests on me
  • Waterproof bags - an ESSENTIAL if you need to keep important belongings close to you even when in the water
  • Waterproof phone case - I have only used Lifeproof Fre but it's expensive if you're only using this case for the occasional water activity.

Kid-Friendly Destinations

  • Beaches Resort
  • Kartrite
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • Kalahari Resort
  • Sesame Place
  • LegoLand
  • Hershey Park