Calendars/To Do Lists

  • Computer
    • Google Calendar and Tasks - an awesome system for combining your calendar and To-Do Lists. Calendars can be shared with other people (Google users or not). You can have multiple color-coded calendars and easily turn them on or off.
  • iPhone Apps
    • gTasks iPhone app - syncs with Google Tasks. I use this for all of my personal to-do's because I love how customizable it is and how easy it is to use.
    • Wunderlist phone app - love this app! I actually use this for my "honey do" list, since you can share multiple lists using this app. Also has a nice interface.
  • Misc
    • Bullet journals - if you don't know what this is and are a pen-and-person or a simplicity-loving person, look into this. This is one of the coolest ways to organize your life, though it does take some practice. This book gives a good explanation, and below are a few of my favorite journals:
      • Scribbles That Matter - such a beautiful journal, with a strap to keep it closed, bookmarking ribbons, and a pen holder.
      • Minimalism Art - this is their softcover version, which I love, but it lacks other features most hardcover ones have. But if you're looking for a nice, simple, flexible book, this is great.
      • Bullet Journal - this was my first bullet journal. If I was the type to stick to plain old bullet journaling, this would be great. But I ended up making more of my own system and incorporating much more than just to-do lists and schedules, so I found myself wanting more of a blank canvas. This is a GREAT book for a beginner bullet journaler, though, as it had designated areas for the structured system.

Smart Home Hubs

I love these, if only for the music-on-verbal command and ability to say "put eggs on my grocery list" without getting out an actual list. But they can do so much more!

  • Amazon Alexa - we have an Echo, Dot, and Tap. I have to admit - Alexa is kind of annoying. Google knows so much more, but we're too far entrenched now. Nonetheless, Alexa is better than nothing. If you use Amazon Music and order on Amazon a lot, this might be a good fit for you.
  • Google Home - I've actually never tried this. But my husband has a Google phone, and if Home is anything like their phones, it's probably awesome and knows everything.