I'm all about killing multiple birds with one stone, so below are "hobbies" I've discussed elsewhere that serve another primary purpose but that I also find therapeutic:

Though I actually hate doing "crafts", I'm all about finding ways to make my own gifts for family and friends:

  • Glass etching
  • Wood burning
  • Vinyl decor
    • Cricut

Then there are some straight up hobbies that I think can benefit anyone, though they may not have much benefit other than simply enjoying them:

  • Musical instrument (for me, it's piano! But guitar is easy to learn and much more affordable)
  • Horseback riding - can be learned at any age! But is a fairly expensive hobby
  • Reading / Listening to books:
    • Kindle - I hate admitting this. I was a die-hard "I will never read digital books" hard-copy lover. And then I got one. Don't get me wrong, I love hard copy books, but I do not miss lugging around multiple books, my hand getting tired from holding a heavy book, or having to go to a store or wait for delivery. I also sometimes will buy the Audible version so I can easily switch back and forth between digital and audio versions.
      • Kindle Oasis - I have the generation before this one, but LOVE it. It's a perfect size and weight, with a great interface.