Products That Make Life Easier



  • Magnetic Phone Mounts - I bought these and LOVE them. The only downside is that you need to insert a magnetic strip inside the back of the case of your phone, so if you have a transparant case, you will see it. But made life SO easy just sticking my phone to the holder on the vent and being able to see directions!
  • Coupon Holder


  • Cheese Slicer Tray - like this one
  • Avocado Slicer
  • ELETON No Drip Oil Dispender - I used the typical oil dispenser with the metal spout for years till a friend broke it and I thankfully found this; SO easy to clean and pour into!
  • Oxo measuring cups
  • KitchenAid Multi-Cooker
  • Oxo avocado
  • Clip on strainer
  • Collapsible strainer
  • Collapsible food cover
  • Collapsible strainer/cutting board
  • Combination items
    • Toaster, oven, air fryer
    • Instant Pot
  • Kid-friendly dinnerware
  • Butter dish - something I never had growing up, but quickly realized makes life so much better - if you like anything with easily spread butter :) Love this one by Oxo!
  • Tiered Dish Rack - like this one
  • Magnetic hooks


  • Vitamin dispenser - I have this one by TSF, which I LOVE. I have to fill it once every 3 months and have all of my vitamins ready to go anywhere at all times.



  • Coin Collector/Counter - I got this for my husband and we love it. Might as well count your money while you store it!


  • Baggallini bags - hate how bad bags smell after a year of use? If so, get one of these (I LOVE this one, called the Hobo tote cross-body bag). They are insanely durable, cute, simple, functional, comes with a wristlet, and - best of all - can be thrown in the laundry machine.
    • Oh, and you can get a matching RFID Continental wallet that holds more cards and STUFF than any other wallet I've ever found while being compact and having a wristlet strap!
  • TIde Pen
  • Shotu wipes